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What is couples therapy?

Couples therapy is a type of therapy in which a therapist helps two people involved in a romantic relationship to develop better communication skills, resolve conflict and create healthy, more flexible boundaries between you and your partner.

How do I know if I would benefit from couples therapy?

Most couples are driven to therapy because of a crisis such as infidelity, loss or repetitive fighting. Couples therapy provides a safe and supportive place for you two to connect, oftentimes allowing couples to share more deeply with one another and grow together in a meaningful way. I aim to help resolve old patterns of interacting and create space for a healthy, rewarding connection.

Why should I consider couples therapy?

The quality of our relationships can have a significant impact on our happiness, longevity and even physical health. Feeling misunderstood, unheard or disrespected lowers your confidence and self-esteem.

If we are struggling to cope emotionally in our relationships, we can quickly begin to feel despairing and alone. This brings resentment, unwillingness to forgive, jealousy, anger, unhealthy habits, and deep emotional pain. These are all things that can eventually damage us to our core. Some problems just seem to escalate or repeat themselves without being resolved. This is often because people fall into patterns of unhealthy interaction making disagreements or problems worse.

My methods aim to initiate change in the relationship.

We typically tackle problem areas in the following way:

First, we assess. We identify the root causes of the problem.

Then we develop healthy reactions and responses that enhance the relationship.

What to expect:

As we work together you will begin to experience:

  • A change in behaviours and a shift in the patterns that have kept you stuck in the past.
  • You will begin to transform conflict into growth.
  • Your relationships will start to reshape through your own growing awareness.
  • You will begin to create the life you envision, not the one scripted to you from your past conditioning.
  • You will start to manage and understand your emotions better.
  • We will begin to discover the root cause of your hurt and together we will release this negative emotion with all its attachments so that it will no longer have a hold on your life.
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Reasons to consider couples therapy:

For couples to prepare and enhance their readiness for marriage. This is done by helping partners to identify issues in their relationship and equipping them with the skills needed to work through their present and future conflicts.

Gridlocked problems become perpetual when they have been mishandled and have essentially calcified into something “uncomfortable.” We work on building emotional intelligence and developing skills for managing conflict and enhancing friendship. What matters is not solving perpetual problems, but rather the affect with which they are discussed.

Is it possible to rebuild trust after your partner has been unfaithful? The loss of the relationship you envisioned can cause intense rage, jealousy, and sadness, and also raises many questions. Should you stay? Will things ever be the same? One thing is certain: learning to love again is a slow process and we work on restoring the trust through three phases: Attone, Attune, Attach.

Life transitions are like tides that can overwhelm even the strongest of marriages. We work to help you stay connected as a couple during major life transitions.

The idea is that, instead of waiting for deep-rooted issues to surface, couples get help early on and make sure those issues don’t have time to grow their roots. We work together to create a conscious relationship.